Untouchability in Nepal

Topics: Discrimination, Caste system in India, Hinduism Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: November 7, 2011
According to Hindu religion, there are four castes i.e. Brahmin, Chettri, Baisya, Shudra. Dalit community belongs under Shudra caste.Dalits are discriminated against on the basis of caste and “untouchablity”.One of the survey shows that there are 33% Terai Dalit.These people are denied entry into temples and houses of higher caste people. The so called higher caste people do not drink water if it has been touched by a Dalit neither do they talk to them. Dalits are forced to work in the household and fields of their landlord. They don’t even get justifiable wages for their labor. Untouchability is practiced even in schools where teachers do not take care of students who are Dalits. It was the case of Janata Secondary School situated in Nawalparasi where two Dalit students were forced by their teacher to clean the toilets just because of their caste. 46% Dalits are under poverty line. They feed themselves on rats just because they do not get proper food to eat. People do not hesitate at all to beat Dalits in public if they do any kind of mistake.50% Dalits do not have citizenships and other legal documents of their land. They are not only discriminated by so called higher caste people but also by people within the same caste. Dalit women suffer more than Dalit men. Child marriage and dowry are very common practices in the Dalit society. These people do not have proper houses to live and become primary victims of any natural calamities like flood landslides etc. Dalit women become victim of gang rape and trafficking but they fear to raise their voice against such cruelty. Not only Dalit women but the entire Dalit community is scared of raising their voice against it due to the fear of death. Illiteracy and lack of awareness are the main reasons for it. But why are they being treated like this? Aren’t they humans too? In the age of equality and modernization if we still let untouchability become a primary issue then can our country really prosper? This practice...
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