Unsung Heroes of War

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Unsung Heroes of War
“History is written by the victors.” This is a commonly used quote to describe how history or people tend to remember the winners in life, rather than the losers. To scale it down even more, people remember the key contributors to the victor’s triumph. For example, in the Mexican-American War, Sam Houston helped his American comrades at the Battle of San Jacinto. That was one of the final battles of that war and was one of the last key pushes to help America win that war. Many few realize that without the help of a very important, but widely unknown man, the battle and eventually the war, would not have been won.

The unsung hero of the Mexican-American War was Brigadier General Thomas Sidney Jesup. General Jesup served in the military for 42 years, which; to this day, is the longest tenure of any military official. During the Mex.-Am. War, Jesup served as the Quartermaster General and his job was to oversee all of the equipment of the army. He would make sure that the American army had sufficient amounts of weapons, uniforms, boots, and tents. All of those are necessary for any army to survive during a war. He also managed over 23 federal arsenals that produced those armaments which he then sent out to different outposts, forts and locales. Without him, the American army would've had nothing to defend themselves with against the organized Mexican army.

Another lesser-know hero of that war may not have been an American hero, he was actually the opposite; he was a traitor. His name was John Patrick Riley, an Irish immigrant that enlisted in the American Army. He fought during the Mex.-Am. war as a Private, but was one of the several hundred Catholic Irishmen that defected from the U.S. Army and established the Saint Patrick’s Battalion to fight for Mexico. Mexico then gave him the him right to lead the battalion and hold the rank of Major. Riley’s final battles were the Battle of Churubusco and the Battle of Mexico City. At Churubusco,...
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