Unsolved Murder of Jonbenet Ramsey

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The Terrible Murder of a Little Girl Named JonBenet On Christmas 1996

Is It Possible That Mom Was the Killer

6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey had no idea that Christmas of 1996 would be her

last, possibly not even her murderer. Sometimes people lose control of situations and act

out of rage. Things happen that aren’t meant to and in a panic we do our best to cover

things up to avoid the consequences.

On the night of December 25, 1996 the Ramsey family went to a Christmas party.

The Ramsey’s had planned to leave the city of Boulder, Colorado to fly to Michigan the

following day. Patsy Ramsey put JonBenet and her brother, Burke, to bed and went to

finish packing for the trip. The following morning at 5:45 a.m. Patsy reported she was

going to wake up JonBenet but did not find her in her bedroom. Instead of finding her

daughter she found a note left on the spiral staircase stating that JonBenet had been

kidnapped and was being held for a $118,000 ransom which was coincidentally the exact

amount of a bonus John Ramsey received earlier that year (Thomas). At 5:52 a.m. Patsy

Ramsey placed a call to 911 reporting her child was kidnapped. She also called several

close friends to have them come stay by her side to comfort her despite specific

instructions not to contact anyone in the ransom note. It was reported that Patsy Ramsey

was found in the same red turtleneck and black slacks that she had worn the night before

to the Christmas party.

The police were treating the case as a kidnapping until later in the day when John

Ramsey along with Fleet White, a family friend, were instructed to search the house for

anything unusual. They found the body and John screamed “Oh my God, Oh my God”.

She had been strangled with a garrote, and her mouth had been covered with duct tape

(Montaldo). Fleet ran upstairs yelling “Call an ambulance!” John carried her lifeless body

upstairs and laid her on the floor. At that time when John was yelling Patsy did not move

from her seat in the sun room to see what had been discovered. The detective on the

scene moved the body again and laid it in front of the Christmas tree. Patsy then covered

the body with a blanket. An autopsy later revealed that JonBenet was killed by

strangulation and a skull fracture to the head.

John Ramsey had broken a basement window during the summer when he was

locked out of his house. He never had the window fixed. Spider webs were intact around

the window suggesting the killer did not access the house through the window and was an

insider (Wegner).

The Ramsey immediately sought legal representation. The Boulder P.D. would

refer to the many lawyers as “Team Ramsey” (Thomas). Following legal advice, the

Ramsey would not submit to interviews requested by the police. The Ramsey family

stated they fully cooperated with the authorities.

The possibility that Patsy Ramsey murdered her daughter unintentionally is very

likely and John Ramsey chose to help cover for her. Patsy Ramsey was a former Miss

West Virginia. She had high expectations for her own daughter as a future beauty queen.

JonBenet had a problem with wetting the bed, which as a parent can be very frustrating.

Steve Thomas, an investigator on the murder, suggests that JonBenet could have had an

accident on that Christmas night and Patsy could have reacted in a parental rage. By no

means of wanting to kill her child she struck JonBenet out of frustration causing her to

smack her head on the tub or a countertop therefore causing the trauma to the head. In an

effort to make the accidental murder appear to be something other than what it was she

tried to make it look like someone had strangled her and proceeded to tie her up in an

effort to avoid dealing with the legal consequences.

A handwriting analysis was done on the ransom note. Patsy...
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