Unseen: An Overview of Steganography and Presentation of Associated Java Application

Topics: Steganography, JPEG, Information hiding Pages: 32 (10575 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Unseen: An Overview of Steganography and Presentation of Associated Java Application C-Hide

Unseen: An Overview of Steganography and Presentation of Associated Java Application C-Hide Jessica Codr, jmc5@cec.wustl.edu (A project report written under the guidance of Prof. Raj Jain) Download

People have desired to keep certain sensitive communications secret for thousands of years. In our new age of digital media and internet communications, this need often seems even more pressing. This paper presents general information about steganography, the art of data hiding. The paper provides an overview of steganography, general forms of steganography, specific steganographic methods, and recent developments in the field. The information presented in this paper is also applied to a program developed by the author, and some sample runs of the program are presented.

steganography, steganalysis, data hiding, data security, data embedding, stego-objects, watermarking, secret communications, secret messages, hidden messages, hidden channel, covert channel, LSB alterations

1. Introduction and Overview 1. Steganography Versus Cryptology 2. Characteristics of Strong Steganography 3. Origins of Steganography 2. Cover Media and General Steganography Techniques 1. Digital Media 2. Text 3. Network Communications 3. Specific Steganographic Tactics 1. Least Significant Bit Alterations 2. Transform Domain Techniques 3. Data Dispersal and Feature Modification Techniques 4. Non-Image Techniques 4. Cutting-Edge Developments 1. Novel View of Steganography 2. Advances with JPEGs 3. Advances with Networks 4. Steganalysis and Artificial Intelligence 5. Other Recent Developments


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Unseen: An Overview of Steganography and Presentation of Associated Java Application C-Hide

5. Author's Application and Conclusions 1. My Application: Description 2. My Application: Results and Evaluation 3. Final Conclusions References Acronyms Appendix A: Additional Terms Appendix B: Puzzle Solutions Appendix C: Java Application Design Choices

1. Introduction and Overview
Have you ever set up code words for talking with your friends so that you could convey something to them without those nearby knowing you were doing so? Perhaps you established a code word or signal to be used at a party to indicate you were bored and ready to go home or, if you are more devious, established a system to cheat at a card game. If you have done anything like this, you have used steganography. Steganography is the art of hiding a message so that only the intended recipient knows it is there. In the most widely cited description of steganography, two prisoners, Alice and Bob, are trying to plan a jail escape while under the watchful eye of Warden Wendy. Wendy will not tolerate suspicious behavior, such as passing notes that are clearly encrypted. So Alice and Bob communicate such that it seems they are talking about something harmless (such as the weather or their families) when they are actually planning an escape (cited in [Bergmair06] from [Simmons84]). From this simple theoretical example, many steganographic techniques and practices have spawned and have helped improve data security in the real world.

1.1. Steganography Versus Cryptology
In the "real world", steganography, like cryptology, is intended to add a layer of security to communications so that pesky eavesdroppers don't know what Alice is saying to Bob. However, unlike cryptology, steganography is not meant to obscure the message, but to obscure the fact that there is a message at all. Attacks against cryptography take what is known to be an encrypted message and attempt to decrypt the message. Attacks against steganography take what seems to be an ordinary image, text, multimedia file, or other document and determine whether or not there is another message hidden within. Steganography and...
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