Unresponsive Bystanders

Topics: Camera, John Wiley & Sons, Sex Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: May 12, 2013
In today’s society, there are many unresponsive bystanders. In this paper, I will tell you what was done, who the subjects were, how they were picked and assigned, what was used during the experiment, and the results of the experiment. According to John Wiley and Sons, “participants were exposed to an emergency situation with either low or high potential danger to the victim and the bystander. In it, the bystander was either alone or in the presence of one additional passive bystander, a confederate of the experimenter who had been instructed to notice the emergency but to remain indifferent to it. The participants’ alleged task was to evaluate a cross-gender communication between a man and a woman. Suddenly, the man starts to verbally attack and grab the woman. The degree of potential emergency-related danger was manipulated by the size of the male actor who was either of small stature or of large stature.” This particular study was the first one that compared intervention frequency during emergency situations that had high and low danger levels for the helper and the victim. Studies before this did not systematically manipulate the variable of the same experimental designs. The subjects that were involved in the experiment were 54 females and 32 males between the ages of 18 and 34 years old. The design that they used to test this experiment was a 2X2X2 factorial design. They were picked by their age and gender and were assigned randomly to the experimental conditions. John Wiley and Sons stated that the object they used for the experiment was “a hallway in the university building that was designated for a meeting point for all the participants. The participants learned that their task was to evaluate a cross-gender communication. Written instructions indicated that the study tested the hypothesis that in a first contract situation between men and women, the judgment of the actual sexual interest of the opposite sex is frequently subject to misinterpretation....
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