Unprofessional Police Officers in the Police Force

Topics: Police, Police brutality, Police officer Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: October 17, 2013

Unprofessional Police Officers and Corruption Within The Police Force

In the Internet I have found an interesting web-site “Bad Cop, No Donut”. This is a “weekly wrap-up of North American police brutality, misconduct and corruption”. In other words there are plenty examples of unprofessional police officers. Here I found three situations to analyze. The first situation is described in the article “Woman dies after being struck by police officer during shootout”, In general it looks like a cop killed a woman accidentally on the crime scene while she was looking out from the window. The police officer explained that he saw a man with a gun and told him to drop a weapon. In response a suspect began firing and the policemen shoot a woman accidentally. The woman died in a hospital as a result. Unfortunately the consequences of this accident are fatal and there are no words of consolation for the family of the victim. But from the other side this officer was implementing the duties which are entrusted in him by the society and this is a side affect. If there was no this officer on the crime scene it may result in much more deaths. Of course there are several things that can help to avoid such consequences in the future: 1. Police should explain civilians that it is very dangerous to present near skirmish actions and it is essential to find a shelter until the situation will be stabilized. 2. Shooting abilities of police officers must be tested regularly. 3. It is possible to find a substitute for fire-arms and use some other weapons when there are a lot of civilians around. The second situation is described in the article “Dallas Officer Arrested On Extortion Charges” . This article is about a policeman who released some traffic violators in exchange for money. I consider such situation to be intolerable and such officers should be imprisoned because they promote crime. Drunk drivers or speed-lovers can kill or harm other people first of all, and it is let...
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