Unprofessional Conduct

Topics: Teacher, Education, Employment Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: February 6, 2011
“Unprofessional Conduct?”
LaVoncia Harris
Business Ethics
Professor Scott Orlinski
Strayer University

In 2005 I started working for a school system and right from the start I could see that there was some unprofessionalism in some of the employees there. To me unprofessional means not acting as if you were at you place of business or acting as though you are at home or out with your friends. That is how the persons I worked with acted; however, to me Mrs. Petit did nothing of the sort. She was not at her place of work; she did not harm any students so I see now unprofessionalism. What she was doing was having a life outside of work which I thought we were all as citizens entitled to do. When I think of the word immoral in the context of the teaching profession I think of teachers like the ones I worked with walking around the school building talking badly about the elementary and middle school students they were teaching during school hours. I do think that Mr. or Mrs. Petit acted immorally in the eyes of the society around them even though they were just living their own lives for which this country was founded, but not to the extent that any harm should have come to them. Was she teaching the children right from wrong? Well yes and no, she taught the children with this mishap that it was right to follow your feelings and to be a leader in society not a follower not to go with the norm, but she also showed that she had no disregard for the laws of the state she lived in by breaking the law for sexual misconduct. I can not even count on my fingers how many teachers I would deem unfit to teach and Mrs. Petit is not one of them. To me being unfit to teach is a person that thinks that yelling at children is a good thing, or a teacher that is willing to put their hands on someone’s child to discipline them, or most of the so called teachers now who believe that teaching the children to past a test is preparing them for life. What Mrs. Petit did...
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