Unproductive Society Cause Crime

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Crimes are activities that involve breaking the law. In Belize, we live in constant fear because of the crimes being committed in today’s day. The crimes occurring within Belize are a serious problem that is affecting the people within this country. It affects the victims, criminals and their families. Crime has increased drastically and shows no sign of reducing in the future. The government has made an attempt to reduce crime by funding programs such as prevention and intervention for youth at risk. Some crimes occurs when you are at the wrong place at thawing time, some are gang related and some are accidental. Reasons to why crimes in Belize have been on arising are because of unemployment, migration from villages to the main towns, and too much leisure time on their hand. One of the main causes of crime is unemployment. Jobs are very hard to find during these hard economic times. Therefore, people are unable to find a stable job that will help them survive, and support their family by buying the necessities they need. Thus, resulting in criminal activities to retrieve the money that they need in order to improve their livelihood and gain the necessities they need for survival. For example, a father needs to pay school fees for his child but he is unemployed; therefore, he goes out gun down and steals from a shop owner. The things people do that is necessary for their survive causes them to become criminals. Migrating from one place to the next for a better life has always been an alternative for people who are not seeing their means satisfied within the area that they are living. Some people think that they can have a better life in main towns. However, it is not so because the wherever one goes they are faced with the reality check that no place will make their live better. Some people do not have knowledge and skills to do anything so they cannot adapt with new environment. Therefore, they see no better way than to join gangs or be a one man team in...
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