Unprecedented Rioting on the Streets of London

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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Four nights of unprecedent rioting on the streets of London, Birmingham, Bristol and other main areas, the media and statistics claim that about 70% of the rioters were aged 21 or younger. It all commenced after a 29-year-old, Mark Duggan was said to be shot in the chest by a police officer after Duggan had shot another officer in the head that had died instantly. Duggan was a father to four children and was also said to be a ‘gangster’. The younger generation riot groups were also said to be formed and lead on by adult gangs and organized criminals. Youths that wore similar masks and hoods ransacked shops and burned buildings and cars in several districts. The streets filled with amok youngsters is due to the government reducing the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) which is depriving thousands of financial support to attend sixth form which ends dreams of attaining a higher education. The EMA helps giving children with disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to be able to gain knowledge and do something better in life. The young people feel betrayed and forgotten by the government that had promised to bring changes to lives, but weren’t kept as soon as the parties had been elected. Therefore the delinquents desperate to show what they feel thought that marching streets, targeting, looting shops and departmental stores and torching buildings and cars was the only way abiding to make their voices heard. The reduction in the EMA is not the only cause to the riots, but press suggests that crime opportunities, gang cultures, economic crisis, social exclusion (the gap between the wealthy and the poor), high numbers in unemployment and cuts in other public services are also reasons to why people are going against the government. I think that the main cause of the riot is the government that allowed for all this to happen. They will now provide the money to the people in need of it, but what if the government hadn’t cut short the EMA and employment in the first place?...
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