Unplanned Roadtrip

Topics: English-language films, The Road, Driving Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Unplanned Road trip
The most people take risks to go on a road trip; some people believe it’s not important. Road trip is one of the most excited events. Road Trip is full of fun and people suffer through, some different experience. I was too excited when; I went last time with friends on a road trip and had lot of fun but planning play great role in road trip.

On the Sunday morning, it was raining outside and I was getting bore at home. I called my friend and make a plan for road trip. I pick up some snacks, some drinks and some money from my dad pocket and my friend took his dad car without his permission. His dad bought a new car just two weeks before and it was too costly. We started our journey and on the way, it was too foggy with wet roads and our car was swinging along the road and we were enjoying that thing without any hesitation. My friend was driving the car and he was kind of afraid, if anything went wrong everything will get mess up. After sometime, the same thing happened with us to which we were afraid of. My friend looked down to change the soundtrack for some seconds and in that moment he hit the car with truck and I screamed loudly. On that time I was feeling so strange like it’s the end of the world. Our car spin on the road but it was our luck we control our car and get back to the track without anything bad happen. My friend injured his leg and I was worried for him and his dad car. We stopped the car at the nearest gas station and got the first aid and continue to the road trip with more motivation. We took this thing as a fun but the reality was that we both were worried from the deepness of heart.

This time I was driving the car and I had no idea where I was going and how to get back to the home. By the time passing we were getting more worried, and it was about to get evening in an hour. Now we were running out of money and gas. Our car headlight was not working well and it was hard to see at night. We were passing through the...
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