Unpaid Community Service Should Be a Compulsory Part of High School Programmes

Topics: Education, Community, Community service Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: September 19, 2013
High demand of community service has made a huge financial burden to the government. This poses a concern whether or not this aspect should be solved by integrating unpaid social work to high school programmes as a compulsory course. I am inclined to agree that it should be a good suggestion due to its advantages which will be discussed below. First of all, it is observable that unpaid community work made by students offers various benefits to the public, government and students themselves. When integrating social work into the school programmes, more public work will be implemented. For example, more streets will be amended, charity service will work better with more volunteers, more illiterate kids will be taught, environment will be better with garbage collectors, ect. When more social tasks are taken by high school students, the government can save a huge amount of budget and that money can be used for other social welfare services. Furthermore, doing unpaid community services, students have opportunities to make more friends and have funny time after their hard studies in class. Secondly, putting social work into the school curriculum is necessary to balance the number of in-class courses and hand-on activities. Current curriculums are lack of flexibility when students just study in class without moving out of their seats. Modified community work to the school curriculum can supply students with more social skills that students may have never got a chance to learn from current programmes with abundant science courses. Some people would argue that the current curriculums are already heavy to put more compulsory courses. However, that is the matter of organizing school programmes. Social work can be an entertaining activity that helps students relieve stress rather than make them more stressful. In other hand, a good curriculum should have a balance between basic science courses and social work courses to approach a holistic educational system. In general,...
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