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Cecil Kingsbury
Mr. Powers
English 12b
How many students actually continue their education after high school? How are students supposed to pay for college? What makes students decide if the college is right for them? I chose to go to the University of Northwestern Ohio because they are the best technical school in the USA, they offer scholarships and grants, have extracurricular activities, race team, and a lot more fun stuff.

The tuition at University of Northwestern Ohio is fairly cheap for the amounts of training that you receive from their school. The tuition cost is like fifteen thousand dollars, but that’s a good price for the stuff they teach you there. There are two ways I am going to be able to pay for college grants and loans. The fees are charged every 6 weeks or a session, and there is eight sessions in a year room and board on campus is also cheap seventy five dollars a week.

University of Northwestern stated in their booklet they give out scholarship info in. They have said that they have thirty three different categories of scholarships. The most they offer from the first place scholarship is no more than twenty five thousand dollars which is a full ride to the college. The second highest amount that they give out is ten thousand dollars. There are many competitions that they sponsor and the winner of those get scholarship money. Some examples are Ford motor company and the Ford AAA contest, MITES contest the also sponsor that too. So with these scholarships I will be able to pay for college a little bit easier. UNOH also offers financial aid and Pell grants these are big for me and this is how I am mostly going to pay for college. I want to try to eliminate as many loans as possible.

According to University of Northwestern Ohio they are ranked 88th out of 2460 college. Their college offers Associates degree in all of their programs and offers a bachelors degree in Business College that they also have. They also have a eighty...
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