Unocal in Burma

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  • Published: October 13, 2007
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1.Executive Summary
In this paper, I will examine the case study of Unocal using four key different perspectives of ethics. Unocal was an American oil and gas conglomerate that was subject to class action suits for alleged human rights violations in Myanmar. These suits were filed at both the US federal and California state courts. Throughout the paper, I will provide clear and concise definitions to key terms in the area of ethics as it pertains to the Unocal case study. These will be based on literature reviews of books and documentation in the field and study of ethics. I will also provide my viewpoint on the moral responsibilities of Unocal for the injuries inflicted on and suffered by the Karen people of Myanmar. Lastly, I will examine Unocal¡¦s view that ¡¥engagement¡¦ rather than ¡¥isolation¡¦ is the proper course in achieving social and political change in Myanmar.

2.Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary2
2.Table of Contents3
4.1.Justification of utilitarian, rights, justice, and caring perspective6 4.2.Responsibilities of Unocal12
4.3.Proper Course of Unocal15

Total word count: 3,640 excluding the Executive Summary and References

Ethics, derived from the Latin word ethica, meaning ¡¥moral philosophy¡¦ has been around since before the time of Aristotle, the famed Greek philosopher, who contributed major works on the subject including the Nicomachean Ethics. Wikipedia, the free online dictionary describes ethics as covering the analysis and employment of concepts such as right and wrong, good and evil, and responsibility. Ethics is a kind of investigation and includes both the activity of investigating and the results of that investigation - whereas morality is the subject matter that ethics investigates (Velasquez 2006, p.8). Simply put - ethics deals with understanding and differentiating right from wrong. Before examining the...
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