Uno and World Peace

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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The large scale destruction caused by World War II, convinced the world that if the human race was to be saved from total annihilation, a powerful world organisation was necessary to safeguard peace in the world. This was a noble and sane idea. On the 24th October 1945 the United Nations Organisation, the august world body, came into existence. It was welcomed by all the nations of the world. The main purpose of this world organisation is to maintain international peace and security. Its aim is to develop friendly relations among the nations of the world. This organisation is supposed to arrange for international cooperation for solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems in the world. Promotion of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms falls within the domain of this world body. The United Nations is based on the sovereign equality of all its members. All the members of this organisation are expected to fulfil their obligations in good faith. The members of this organisation are expected to settle their disputes by mutual negotiations and peaceful means. They are required to behave in a way which does not endanger the peace and security of the world. They are expected not to use force or threat of force against each other. The members are expected ta give every kind of support and assistance to this body in its peace-keeping actions Membership of the United Nations Organisation is open to all peace-loving countries, which believe in its Charter and are willing to fulfil their obligations as members of this organisation. There are six main organs of this world body : (1) the General Assembly, (2) the Security Council, (3) the Economic and Social Council, (4) the Trusteeship Council, (5) the International Court of Justice, and (6) the Secretariat. The General Assembly is the main deliberative body of the United Nations Organisation. All the member countries are represented in it. It usually meets once a year in the month of...
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