Unmotivated - Fed Up Employees

Topics: Employment, Periodization, Time Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Fed Up: Reasons Why Employees Become Unmotivated

There are sobering statistics out there about just how miserable people really feel in the workplace. With the economy the way it is today more and more people feel trapped with no way out. CareerBuilder.com says the #1 reason why people are unhappy or unmotivated in the workplace is their boss. That alone leads us to the # 1 reason why people quit their jobs: their boss. So in researching material for this essay I surveyed several managers within my company and asked them why they feel employees become unmotivated in the workplace. Do you know not a single one of them said management was the reason! That is hard to believe when it is the top reason as to why people leave or feel unmotivated in the workplace. So I then asked coworkers and here are the top three reasons as to why they feel people become unmotivated in the workplace.

The individuals I spoke with felt the number one reason is indeed management. However, there are varying reasons as to why. Some feel as though they do not get enough recognition, lack of respect, and lastly unrealistic goals/expectations. In the world we live in today a lot more is expected out of an individual than ever before. Many companies know that with the state of the economy they have to better their selves for the future, but at what expense. Do they really have their employee’s best interests at heart? In most cases answer is yes. However, companies know that people are in an essence trapped so they can keep applying the pressure a little more, deadlines a little shorter, and recognition programs are usually the first to go in any budget cut situations. So people have to do more with a lot less.

The second reason is lack of opportunities for advancement and or money. This goes hand in hand with the number one reason in that people are assuming more and more responsibilities, doing more work in shorter amount of time but usually at the same pay or less...
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