Unmistaken Child: The Reincarnation of Soul

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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World History

Tibetan Buddhism in “Unmistaken Child” is a belief that a Buddhist monk is reincarnated after passing away. One must go on a journey to find the reincarnated soul, in this case, world-renowned Tibetan master Geshe Lama Konchog. Tenzin Zopa, the devoted disciple of Geshe, was tasked to embark on this journey to find his spiritual leader. In the funeral ceremony the ashes of the deceased, would hold a clue to the direction of the reincarnated master. Tenzin was to bring items that were previously used by Geshe during prayers and daily rituals to observe how the reincarnation reacted to the items. A drawing is created of the town and distant mountains in four different directions. The drawing is then sent to Taiwan for further studying from a senior monk. The senior monk shows further clues as to that will help narrow down which child to look for. For this story its noted that the child is from the town Tsum Valley and the fathers name begins with an A. Tenzin must then go on the journey to Tsum Valley and find the child. He seems to discover the reincarnated soul by showing Geshe’s rosary and observing the object recognition and response. Once there is a potential discovery of the reincarnation, it doesn’t end there. There are more steps in the investigation. The final one being bringing the child to the Dalai Lama. With multiple objects set in front of the child that belonged to Geshe, The Dalai Lama proceeds to watch the child choose from each group of objects. If it is the correct item, the child is determined to be the reincarnation and is brought back to the monasteries to practice the ways of being a monk.

This was a very interesting movie to watch and an extremely beautiful story to experience. I thought it was amazing when Tenzin first met the child, how the child responded to the rosary. From the other children just maybe glancing and touching the beads, the child’s response was completely different. He seemed very...
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