Unme Jeans: Branding in Web 2.0

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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UnME Jeans: Branding in Web 2.0
- Midterm Exam ID: 20092039 Name: Bae, Yong-gook Date: Oct. 25, 2009

In general, Foley is in a problem which media plan she goes in a new environment called Web 2.0. Online media development results in new trends in customers' media habit and the new values. The case describes basic information about UnME Jeans, new trends and values in media and advertisement industry, then shows three possible media plan.

1. Which, if any, of the three social media plans should Foley pursue? Why? simply new media plans suggested by agency. Unique Visitor Zwinktopia Facebook YouTube No Info Budget

In my opinion, Facebook is the best choice of among three suggested plans. The next table shows

-G O
200,000+100/yr 350,000+600/yr 300,000 + 40CPM Zwinktopia △ X △ △ △ △ 3.0

14,196,000 48,152,000

Each plan has advantage in some parts and disadvantages in other parts. I make a table to compare three plans in the Foley's view. Left column is fulfilled the important factors for Foley regarding the new media plan and evaluation is done by myself.



Talking with Brand story

Constructive Dialogue Existing media plan

Impact on sales Unique Users Score

Zwinktopia is well targeted to the UnME's target customers. According to the plan, the agency will develop a line of virtual jeans which is same to jeans in real world, and the users can create a

Description Virtual Jeans ↔ Real Products Brand profile page targeted banner ads through profile page Widget: design and share User created contents → Contest In-Video Ads Facebook O O O △ △ O 5.0 YouTube X O X O △ △ 3.0

(O: 1.0 △: 0.5 X: 0.0)

jean in a new design. It is a good point, and because of the alliance between MySpace and Zwinktopia, users can bring their avatar (called Zwinky) to MySpace, which is the largest social networking site in US. However there are some cons. First, the company may be hard to have dialogue with users. User will buy jeans for her Zwinky, but they may not care what the brands says. It is a good way to announce new products, but not a good way to establish brand identity or to make brand loyalty in customer's mind. Second, it looks like good because of the connection to MySpace, but we can't sure how many users among MySpace users are using Zwinktopia. If the plan consider opening profile page in MySpace and connecting it to Zwinktopia, my answer should may be lower than the expectation. be different, but the plan concentrates on Zwinktopia. I think the general impacts of advertisements

Advertisements through YouTube is a very good way to deliver brand massage to the users. During the process initiating and implementing the user video contests, the company can deliver brand story and can talk with the potential customers. User generated video can be a hot issue on the Web, it means the additional advertisement through word-of-mouth. In addition, after the video contest, the videos can be shown in TV. It means the harmony between the legacy medium and the new medium. Also, the number of YouTube users are large which means potentiality of lots of reach to the customers and some impacts on sales. In other sides, through YouTube, it is very hard to have control the contents.

Each medium described upon has some pros and some cons. I think that the company can compensate those weak points in Facebook. Facebook has 2nd many users after MySpace. It means that the company has more chance to exposure the brand to the people than YouTube or Zwinktopia. The agency suggested the brand profile page and widget. Through its profile, the company can have lots of fans. For example, Coca Cola has 3,754,972 fans as of Oct. 23, 2009. (http://www.facebook.com/cocacola) The company can announce its new products, and can tell the brand story to the users. In addition, it is possible to have an one-to-one dialogue with customers. Widget and news feeds will be good for the users to share the information with...
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