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Topics: Advertising, Social media, Facebook Pages: 5 (1708 words) Published: October 15, 2011
1. Which, if any, of these three social media plans should Foley pursue? Why? Foley should pursue more Online Marketing media plans and embrace the emergence of Web 2.0. Specifically, Foley should allocate some of it’s traditional advertising media dollars towards Facebook due to its longevity and it’s ability to capture the online movement’s four cultural values: consumer co-creation, social affiliation, digital self-expression and sharing. Consumer co-creation involves consumer’s creating and getting involved with the online platform. Facebook allows the creation of profiles and engages the consumer by involving them to publish content that embodies their personalities. Facebook also allows event invitations to be sent out to users which can be notified of promotions and events that UnMe wants to announce to their target market. The users would also be updated with the latest promotions, newest items and sales through news feeds and widgets. These tools will allow users not only to become involved and increase brand awareness but also identify and connect with the UnMe brand. Facebook also gives users the ability to design and control the content of their profile pages. People achieve a sense of community through connections with their friends, co-workers and family online. This encompasses the social affiliation value. By allowing the brand to talk directly with it’s consumers, deliver the brand story and connect through social media, it adds value for UnMe by reaching out to the company’s target audience. Digital self expression captures people’s needs to express themselves through individual identities, something Facebook is by definition. It is easy for individuals to express themselves through the various applications allowing them to connect with events, brands, music, movies, news and political issues. Finally, the last cultural value of the social media movement is sharing. Because Facebook allows friends to view other friends’ profile pages, it is easy for both sides to be

exposed to each other’s interests and apps. This allows people to share information they want with their friends giving them the ability to share their interests and opinions on everything from brands to current trends, such as UnMe products.

2. What benefits would Foley gain from each of the three social media plans? What risks does each entail? How can Foley better reap the benefits and mitigate the risks of each of the programs? UnMe can reach style conscious women and get them involved in giving feedback and comments on the UnMe profile page. Through this direct interaction with UnMe target market, UnMe can tap into style tips and fashion asset resources that would otherwise be hard to obtain through traditional media or research. In addition, because Facebook is such an interactive environment that encompasses consumer co-creation, social affiliation and sharing, it successfully captures consumer’s attention. Risks of going on Facebook would include not enough consumers accepting friend requests, which would mean less people will be exposed to the brand’s profile page, give feedback and tips, and less would be exposed to the widgets. Users may also ignore ads depending on their interactions with friends and networks on Facebook. Finally, the lack of control over targeted measurements using Facebook might make it difficult to justify spending money towards this media plan. By participating in the Zwinktopia media plan, UnMet would be able to generate an online buzz about their jean products. This would then create a buzz around the brand, leading consumers or Zwinky’s to collaborate and design jeans using their own creativity. Zwinktopia is a great way for UnMe to reach its target market while focusing on its ideals of celebrating individuality and non-confirming attitude. This media plan also has the highest selling products in its apparel category which works perfectly with UnMe jean products. Some risks that Foley

might run...
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