Unlucky “Kid Kustomers”

Topics: Television advertisement, Lucky Charms, Infomercial Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: September 23, 2009
Janese Tyree

Instructor Fielding

English 96

19 March 2009

Unlucky “Kid Kustomers”

Television is the most important medium for children’s advertisements. The effects of TV have long been a subject of controversy. In the essay, “Kid Kustomers,” Eric Schlosser describes how major ad agencies now have children’s divisions that focus directly on marketing to kids. The newest Lucky Charms cereal television commercial, “Lost In Time,” utilizes cartoon characters, an adventurous plot, and whimsical cereal shapes which work in conjunction not only to captivate the attention of their young audience, but also to infuse the Lucky Charms brand into children’s subconscious by using attractive symbols which can result in loyal customers.

Lucky Charms commercials, aimed at gaining a young clientele, include adventurous plots starring a lovable cartoon mascot. According to Schlosser, “[s]tudies suggest that until the age of six, roughly eighty percent of children’s dreams are about animals, [r]ounded soft creatures like” “Lucky the Leprechaun.” As a wee, sprightly leprechaun, dressed in classic garb, an emerald green frock coat, a rounded hat with a protruding four-leaf clover, green knickers, and a pair of buckled shoes, Lucky’s delightful appearance serves as bait to instantly seduce his young viewers. Cleverly enough, Lucky Charms cereal replicates the traditional leprechaun scenario of Irish folklore, in which, if captured, the leprechaun would surrender his stash of hidden gold to those seeking his treasure; however, in the case Lucky Charms, the gold has been swapped with cereal. The 2009 “Lost In Time” animated commercial follows suit as a mob of hungry kids pursue and invariably catch Lucky, who has to suffer the torment of seeing his prized creations being gobbled up, a fact that prompts him to utter his famous catch phrase in a highly exaggerated Irish accent, "They're always after me Lucky Charms!" The...
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