Unluckiest Day of My Life

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Unluckiest Day of My Life

By | April 2013
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This morning, went KL for an interview with a company i really want to work with. The journey was suppose to take only 4 hours but the stupid bus driver decided to stop at Slim River for lunch, which make me behind schedule by an hour.

When i reach KL, i had to rush over to TAR college to get my certificate (OH GOD! like finally right!). Upon reaching the counter, I was ignored for a good 5 minutes although there’s people sitting at their desk and i was like “Hello, Hello, excuse me” wtf wtf wtf

If i weren’t rushing around, i would have screwed them upside down for such unfriendliness, plus they are like having open day today, i wanted to created chaos and tell the parents, don’t register ur kids with stupid tar already.

I then tried to hail a taxi to Jln Sultan Ismail, but all refuse to take me T___T Finally one fella suggest i stop at Dang Wangi because it’s “near” to the place i wanted to go. Just 5 minutes walk.

I believed him. He dropped me at LRT station where the counter people are too lazy to work, so had to buy ticket from machine which don’t accept coins and i ended up borrowing 10cent from the kind guy queuing behind me.

So from Dang Wangi, i started walking towards Concorde Hotel like a blind mouse, so far! wtf, no sign of central plaza. Then i asked some pedestrian, which told me it’s quite far. So i took a cab, that cost me RM7 for less than 5 minutes of ride.

By that time, i was already late for interview, confused, tired and stress out. Most stressful part was the interviewer was actually the director himself, Ang Moh from USA. 3 against 1. Performed way below my own expectation and standard. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH MYSELF, i wanna go jump from a building. It always happen with me when it comes to interview with job i want badly. I get tongue tied and brain dead. Like some useless retarded that ventured into the interview aimlessly.

After the disastrous interview, i just wanna go home. It was rush hour, again no taxi would take...

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