Unleashing the Scripture

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  • Published : March 26, 2007
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1. Identification

Hauerwas, Stanley. 1993. Unleashing The Scripture. Nashville: Abingdon Press.

2. Contents

The author makes some clear and concise points through out his text. The author points out that his main point for writing this book is to free preachers and those that hear them from thinking inside the box. The author made it clear that so many times people listen to information and they assume that is right and is the truth. Throughout the book the author conveys that we have allowed the Scripture to be separated from our practices. He launches out to "Unleash the Scripture" by taking some risk to free theology from its academic captivity.

3. Thesis

Hauerwas thesis is explicitly stated as follows:
In this book I am trying to experiment by combining a discursive essay with sermonic exhibits. The Bible is not and should not be accessible to merely anyone, but rather it should only be made available to those who have undergone the hard discipline of existing as part of God's people.

4. Evaluation
This book is a very straightforward. The author makes a lot of good points and backs them up well. But in the meantime he also makes some points that seem to be very blurry to its readers. Hauerwas demonstrates his point very successfully by stating how he feels and backing it up with information that comforts the reader, and makes it very persuasive. Very profoundly, the author states a point and that is that " Our problem is that we live in churches that have no practice of non-violence, of reconciliation, no sense of the significant of singleness; so we lack the resources to faithfully preach and hear God's Word." This statement that Hauerwas is so true and its catches the reader. We as church goers just go to church, but we are really lacking what it takes. We are not practicing really what we need to be practicing. We go to church and assume that everything is wonderful and leave. So many times we are at our...
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