Unknown Report

Topics: Enterobacteriaceae, Bacteria, Enterobacteria Pages: 3 (594 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Unknown Report
Biol 2133
Fall 2009

November 12, 2009

Unknown Report

Purpose: The purpose of the unknown report is to be able to identify an unknown bacteria culture using a series of differential tests. The recognition of these unknown bacterial cultures is achieved by the isolation and differentiation of the unknown culture based on certain biochemical characteristics, and metabolic pathways. The result of each test performed helps in the process of elimination, to bring us closer to the correct identification of the unknown culture. Being able to identify different types of bacteria is an important factor that can lead to advancements not only in healthcare, but also in food production. Results:

Table 1.0- This table shows the Biochemical tests used in order to identify the unknown bacteria. The results help determine if the unknown is positive or negative in regards to each test, which helps eliminate certain bacteria, and narrow down the choices.

|Media |Results |Positive/Negative | |Citrate |Blue growth |Positive | |Glucose |Yellow gas |Positive | |Sucrose |Pink/yellow tube |Positive | |Lactose |Pink/yellow tube |Positive | |Methyl Red |Red |Positive | |Voges Proskauer |Yellow |Negative | |Urea |Pink...
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