Unknown Mixtures Lab Report

Topics: Scientific method, Heat, Hypothesis Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: April 20, 2013
-Unknown Mixtures Lab-

The aim of this experiment was to find out the two substances of the unknown mixture from salt, sugar, dirt, and baking soda by looking at its properties.

Hypothesis: Find the unknown substance by testing it out by heating it, pouring water, vinegar, and observing it .


1) Materials-
* 100ml of water
* Vinegar
* Bunsen Burner
* 2 beakers
* 1 spatula

2) First, do steps (3-6)to find out the properties of salt, sugar, dirt, and baking powder.

3) Observe and record the appearances of the four known substances.

4) Burn the known substances one by one to see what will happen. When it starts to burn take the beaker off of the burner.

5) Add water to all substances. Make sure to stir well (until the salt and sugar dissolve) to see how each substance reacts with water

6) Add vinegar to all substances. Make sure to stir well (until the salt and sugar dissolve) to see how each substance reacts with vinegar

7) Observe your unknown substance and write down how it looks

9) Add water to the unknown substance. Check to see if it turns to mud and that the white substance dissolves.

10) Heat up unknown substance until it starts to burn. Check and see if the substance starts to turn brown and smell good and dry up and crack. This is to see if the unknown substance is a combination of dirt and sugar.

Safety Precautions-
* Remember to wear closed shoes just in case someone drops something like glass and it lands on your foot. * Always wear goggles, and for girls tie their hair, when near a burner so it doesn’t burn your hair or get something in your eye. * Be careful not to drop the beakers so that there will be no danger of accidently stepping on glass.

The sugar turned brown and smelled good when heated, salt turned black and smelled like burnt rubber when heated, dirt turned to mud when water was added, and baking soda started to bubble when...
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