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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Can Detour Protein Candy Bars make you look attractive?

In our daily lives we are exposed to advertisements that can impact us negatively or positively. When we look at an advertisement we tend to look at what is being advertised but if we looked more closely, there is always a story that is trying to be told to us. Several advertisements can bring negative stories that can be sometimes sexist. Sexist ads portray women as objects in order to convince consumers to buy the product. Other ads tend to portray the perfect women that each time seems to become impossible to achieve. Kilbourne and Mernissi argue that ads present an unrealistic and unattainable female ideal, which is being pictured in a Detour Protein Candy Bar advertisement.

This advertisement does not clearly show an exterior or an interior setting that could perhaps be Photo Shopped. The colors in the ad seem to include bright ones with a flash that is being directly focused on the two women being represented in this advertisement. The ad contains colors that make it pop out; it has a green color for the woman on the left as the background and a blue bright color for the woman in the right side of the ad. On the bottom of the ad, we can see a yellow and red horizontal line that serves as background for the Detour Protein Candy Bar, the product that is being publicized (Advertisement). This advertisement features two women about 25 years old who have different bodies shape. Although, they might be the same age one of them, the athletic woman is considered acceptable and the larger woman unacceptable.

The two women’s body positions are different and it is all due to their difference in body shape. The woman on the right who looks like she has a perfect and athletic body transmits a posture of security and pride as if she is happy the way she is. In the other hand, the other woman on the left does not seem to have the same level of self-confidence. I notice that their head...
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