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  • Published: January 27, 2013
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The Nintendo Corporation is planning to unveil the next generation of the revolutionary Wii gaming system. The initial Wii system was profoundly different from existing gaming systems in nearly every aspect, from its design to its target audience, to its packaging and promotion. In many ways, it was these unique and innovative techniques of advertising and marketing that allowed Nintendo to experience unrivaled success in Wii sales, and to essentially redefine the gaming industry. Nintendo hopes to build upon this success with the introduction of the newest Wii. Therefore, they will require a comprehensive strategy to promote and advertise the new product. Additionally, Nintendo will also need to formulate sales strategies aimed at both consumers and trade channel members. As in the previous version of the Wii, the use of innovative technology to market the newest Wii should also be considered. Advertising Campaign Strategy

As was discussed in previous papers, the advertising campaign strategy employed by Nintendo with respect to the first Wii was groundbreaking. Nintendo made a conscious decision to market the device to the common consumer, rather than the seasoned “gamer”. This message permeated the entire campaign, even down to the name of the product, “Wii”, which implied that the system was for everyone, and that everyone could enjoy it and easily learn to use it.

The new Wii gaming system is rumored to introduce multiple new technological breakthroughs. Most intriguing is the exploitation of “haptic technology” (My Nintendo News, 2011). Haptic refers to the sense of touch, and some initial reports of the new Wii seem to indicate that the controllers will make use of the senses of sight, sound, hearing, and touch, in order to provide a more intense and realistic gaming experience. Also, the new console is rumored to be faster, possess high definition resolution, and introduce a new gaming controller with an integrated screen and camera. The screen is...
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