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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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University of Phoenix Material

Effective Study Habits Worksheet

Review Phoenix Career Plan results of Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preference, respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

1. Describe your ideal study environment.

My ideal study environment is basically a library. The library is a place where a person can sit down and not worry about noise and have all the study elements around them as well. If you can not find something on the internet you have a pluthera of books to look through as well. I personally love to read out of a book so I would have the optimum advantage being in a library. There are no personal distractions to get in the way of my work.

2. List some of the distractions that might hinder your study progress or your performance in an online classroom.

Some of the distractions that might hinder study progress would have to be different in everyone’s circumstances. If you have children around then you have the kids running around screaming or getting into trouble. If you work then you have to do your work around a work schedule and figure out your sleep schedule. If you go out into public to do your work you may run into people you know or some one might just talk to you randomly.

3. What actions can you take to manage and eliminate distractions?

Well this also depends on peoples special circumstances as well. You could set aside a certain time during a couple days a week to have some one else watch your kids so you can get in some work. If you have work then try to schedule out your day so that you have a few minutes here and there to manage your day. Personally, I think being able to go to the library once a week would help, because there are no distractions there necessarily.

4. How will you apply your personal learning style? How does your personal Learning style affect your study habits?

Seeing as I am a special learner I will use videos to help me understand...
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