University Rules and Regulations: a Tool for Students’ Development or Dissatisfaction?

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  • Published : August 13, 2006
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University Rules and Regulations: A Tool for Students’ Development or Dissatisfaction?

I. Introduction
Kindly ask yourself what you want to see as you walk into a university. Picture yourself in a university, surrounded by beautiful scenery; a fresh and cool breeze touches your face and skin, and saying to you, yourself, what a wonderful day it is. Out of no where, you are startled by the way university students’ portrait themselves; untidy shirt, very short skirt, too tight blouse, talking back to the university inspectors, etc. Suddenly, you start to wonder and start to question yourself “Where exactly are you?” or “Are you in a university or fashion show event?” or “Does the university offer no proper rules and regulations for students to follow?” Later you found out that rules and regulations does exists, the problem was that students tend to neglect all those things. There are many factors that cause students to disobey the given rules and regulations which mainly include their developing behavior stage as being teenagers. However, there are many benefits that could be acquired after following the university rules and regulations, for example like; being more responsible, acting more attentive, having more discipline, etc. Although university students view rules and regulations as cause for their dissatisfaction in the university life, on the other hand rules and regulations are actually development tools for university students.

II. Body
Nowadays, teenagers are likely to express themselves with accessories they use and they are very concern about their appearances. Thus, to them University Rules and Regulations are automatically viewed by Assumption University students, AU students, as a boundary or limitation in term of expressing their real identities. That is why many of students intended to ignore the rules and regulations, especially dress code, which was set by the university council. In contrast, looking from another perspective, university rules and regulations are not bad as it seem in the eyes of the students. Because they do not realize the fact that these set of rules and regulations are actually tools that help shape them to become a better person. Every time they follow the rules and regulations, without their knowing that their inner conscious are slowly absorbing the way to act, to behave and to handle oneself when they face the real world or in other words the skill to survive. Although some rules and regulation may seem useless to them, but in reality appearance or first impression matter most, as people nowadays tend to judge other people from their first impression. Thus, students who are able to follow have already won the first battle in getting through the real societies.

University rules and regulations have many great influences upon the students but they tend to view these things in a negative way because these restrictions do not complied with the modern societies they lived in. Students do not favor these set of rules and regulations because these restrictions withhold their real expression in life as being a teenagers. Thinking that after becoming freshmen, they have already matured at a certain stage of life that they would be able to do things as they desired without anyone telling them what to do. They maybe correct in some of the things they do but when ever they return back to the communities they lived in they must make sure that they obey and follow the given guidelines so that everyone could lived in harmony.

A. Rules and Regulations as Causes for Dissatisfaction
After going through many types of information and asking opinion from people, I found out that there are three majors’ problems that really bother university students nowadays which are dress code and car park restrictions that lead to many problems which are students tend to rebel against by disobeying the given restrictions when ever they can without caring and not respecting the university.

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