University's Students' Perception on English as a Medium in Their Learning Environment.

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  • Published: October 14, 2007
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English plays an important role at this area of globalization. People need to be proficient in English in order to compete on an international platform. Based on the resolutions of MELTA (Malaysian English Language Teaching Association) National Colloquium on the Role of The English Language In National Building held on 22nd of April 2003 at Sheraton Subang Towers and Hotel, Subang Jaya Selangor, "English Language plays a significant role in the enhancement of the economy and international-level political initiatives as well as cross cultural communication." English Language is also being identified to be one of the factors that many graduates unemployed. The unemployed graduates are urged to polish up their English and communications skills to better equip themselves, (Friday, November 04, 2005). English is now a medium at all level of education in Malaysia, from primary to tertiary level.

This research covers the results of a survey done on Malaysia Open University's Students, May Intake 2007, PPW Sarawak.

This research was conducted to identify university's students' perception on English as a Medium In Their Learning Environment. The aims of this research is :- I.To determine the English Language proficiency among university's students and attitude towards learning English II.To determine students' opinions on the role of English Language in present job market III.To identify students' opinions on the factors that contribute to English Language learning problems

Method of Investigations
A survey was conducted on 10 undergraduates in a tertiary institution in Malaysia, Malaysia Open University (OUM). Methods of distributing questionnaires to students and interview were conducted.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of this research is to identify students' opinions on the needs of English in Education and formulate some suggestions to be submitted to the Ministry of Higher Learning.

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