Universities to Boost Classes in English

Topics: Japan, Japanese people, Tokyo Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Universities to boost classes in English

These days, globalization seems to be more promoted in the world than before. And this time, Japan times reported that Kyoto and Kyusyu universities are about to try to boost international competitiveness among Japanese students. The concrete plan is that they are going to hire about 100 teachers or instructors who are from other countries or have overseas teaching experience by about 30. In addition, they plan to increase the number of the classes where the students have to learn something by using English. Before the effort like Kyoto and Kyusyu universities, Tokyo University has already been working on starting to a fall enrollments in five years in attempt to boost international students. I think it is an excellent tendency to care about the currency of the internationalization and take some actions to keep up with it. Of course, we could not object to the fact that English is the first language in the world. If we master the language at least, we can survive this modern life. The situation like I mentioned is due for the Internet to spread out around the world. Thanks to it, we can keep in touch with even someone who is far away from us if we want, whenever and wherever you are. But, especially in Japan, people don’t seem to use the opportunity to connect with foreign people although they always do have it. They would rather hesitate to talk with foreign people. Every time we ask them, they answer that they feel a kind of shyness to a strange people or don’t have to use English because they never have any plans to go foreign country. The first step to introduce the internationalization has already done by setting up the situation or chance where we can use English. The next step will be to make Japanese people change their thought that they don’t have to use English in Japan into a good motivation to learn and master English.
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