Universities in Middle East

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Universities in Middle East


Choosing a university is one of the most important decisions one will ever make. There are a lot of factors to be considered in choosing a university. And these factors will help you to attend to the best university that is suitable for your needs. Some of these factors are: [1] the type of school, [2] the majors that the universities are offering, [3] the cost and your budget, [4] the type of financial support and scholarships available, [5] the location – whether you want something nearer or you want to move away from home, [6] the academic standards of the university, [7] the social and recreational activities available, and [8] the whole environment within the vicinity of the university.


Middle East offers a lot of good universities for individuals around the world. Although there are some universities that are culture-based, like all girls or all boys' universities, still there are modern universities which offer great standards in academic and respects different cultures and traditions. According to Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting, these are the top four universities in Middle East (source: EdArabia.com): [1] Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, [2] American university of Sharjah, [3] American University of Dubai, and [4] Canadian University of Dubai.

The first factor to be considered in choosing a university is the type of school. With a range to choose from, it depends on what your lifestyle is and your personal choices. The first thing to think about is whether you want to attend to a private or public institution. And in addition, the size of the university also matters for it can be beneficial to you. Some students prefer smaller classrooms for a closer interaction with their professors and some prefers large classrooms where hundreds of students can attend. These four universities are all classified as private schools. They consist of both large classrooms and small classrooms.

The second factor to be considered is the majors that a university offers. This is one of the most important factors in considering universities that you want to attend to. This will make a big difference to one's life. If the university doesn’t offer the demanded career options that the student wants to attend to, the students should make a change with their decision. The student must be sure that his field of study or his major is available in the university's offered courses. The Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar offers variety of courses and colleges to choose from, and the university excels in business, science and technology, computer science, fine arts, humanities and social sciences, humanities and arts, science and arts, and computer science and arts. However, the American university of Sharjah and the American University of Dubai offer the same majors and courses for students like curriculum in arts and sciences, intensive English programs and more. And lastly, Canadian University of Dubai offers architecture and interior design, business administration, engineering, applied science and technology, environment and health, and liberal arts and science.

Another big factor to consider is the cost or the tuition fee of the university. This has to be considered because this relies on the financial responsibility of the individual. If the individual has a low to medium financial component, he should try to enroll in a university that offers a low tuition fee. Nevertheless, it is not only the tuition fee that a student has to pay. There are also miscellaneous fees and other "unknown" fees that may be concerned to the total cost that the university is asking from the students. This may include books, laboratory fees, facility fees like gym, computer labs, comfort rooms, etc, parking fees and dormitory fees. As per these universities, they surely are requiring a costly tuition fee and other fees for the students. But in exchange of these expensive...
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