Universe and North Lake College

Topics: Universe, Big Bang, Color Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 11, 2013
I went to visit the North Lake College art gallery during the Faculty Art Show. I attended this event on November 10th before I knew the assignment in this class. When seeing this was my first essay it was exciting because I already knew of a piece I vividly remembered. The art that caught my eye was the one entitle “Big Bang by Steven Benezue. The art looked like something exploded on the canvas. This one was intriguing because of all the colors the artist used.

Benezue’s main visual element was color. He rarely every had two of the same colors touching. Also He used many different shapes in order to catch the eyes of the audience. The artist started the shapes out small and then grew bigger as if trying to show birth. Benezue was trying to recreate the start of the universe using the different colors and abstract shapes. He is trying to show us the history of the universe. I believe this theme is being addressed because of the title and how his picture starts out small but then grows larger and larger just like the universe has.

After a visual analysis it helped me look deeper into the painting itself. It helped me understand what the artist really was trying to show rather than just a random assessment of colors and shapes. The theme was addressed well because it managed to show a picture of the universe’s history. By understanding what the story behind the painting it helped me understand the meaning behind it more. Also because I visited it so long ago it reminded of how much I enjoyed the piece and it helped me remember it again.
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