Universal Studios Personal Narrative

Topics: Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida, The Simpsons Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: October 20, 2011
It was Christmas of 2009 and my family and I had just arrived at Universal Studios of Hollywood. My sister slowly pulled up into the long uphill line of cars, all waiting to finally be let into the car park by the toll booth. It was a fairly lengthy wait that lasted around forty minutes but we didn’t mind as we were all very excited for the aftermath and knowing it was well worth it kept our patience strong. Eventually our turn came and after a brief talk and transaction with the man in the toll booth we finally were allowed into the multi-story car park. Now the challenge was to find an empty parking space on that busy Christmas morning. After search floor after floor for an empty space we managed to find an almost completely empty row on the Jurassic floor.

We got out the car and proceeded to venture through City Walk to our destination. Once at long last at the entrance of Universal Studios with the symbolic Universal Studios Earth Monument in front of me. Wishing to capture the moment I asked my sister if she could take a photo of me standing in front of it, and it turned out to be an amazing shot that will define my experience every time I see it. We walked towards the gates and… We were met by another long line that seemed as if it would take ages to progress in, but, in reality was surprisingly swift! Our miniature journey was complete and once we were allowed in I swear I jumped up and screamed “Awesome”. My very first visit to a theme park, a visit that I will actually remember unlike the time I went to Disneyland when I was 3.

After waiting for such a long time, First thing on the list of things to do was get something to drink, we approached the gift shop and got a couple cool souvenirs modeled after famous character such as Bart Simpson, or SpongeBob head as a bottle for refreshments. Next up we got a couple other souvenirs, I remember specifically asking for a Universal Studios Globe Symbol keychain that I still have to this day. We then...
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