Universal Packaging - the Concept of Marketing in Packaging Design and an Analysis of a Supermarket Sandwich Package

Topics: Packaging, Unit load, Food labeling regulations Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Executive Summary – This report explains the concept of marketing in packaging design and an analysis of a supermarket sandwich package. 1.0 Introduction
Package design is a very important element within marketing as it is another tool which marketers can communicate with consumers. The design of packaging is extremely important as the market is a competitive place with hundreds of other brands producing similar products therefore brand awareness and cognitive learning which is observational learning with an association to class and brand need to be of high priority. An example of cognitive learning would be the Kenco brand who recently released a Television marketing campaign involving information on how Kenco have reduced their packaging by 98 percent. Not only should packaging stand out and communicate to the consumer it should also provide them with an impression of what the brand represents and who is the target market for example is it cheap and cheerful aimed at a younger generation or elegant and expensive aimed at professionals this should all be clearly represented in the packaging. 2.0 Chosen packaged product: Goodfillas Super Selection sandwiches

The Population of Britain and around the world is constantly aging. This means there is an increasing demand for products to be re-designed in order for the older consumer to benefit for example is it not uncommon for people to live long into their 90’s and your average 70 year old has the strength of a 10yr old, many of who live alone so remaining independent can be difficult. Our group asked 100 members of the general public, many of who were ages 65 and over, to identify the main design faults with our chosen packaging, the results were as follows:

3.0 Enhancing shelf presence
Goodfillas is an established brand within the ready-to-eat food production industry but the brand is over looked due to the poor package design and Super Selection sub brand. Overall the packaging needs to be more...
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