Universal Healthcare Proposal

Topics: Universal health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: September 23, 2011
I believe universal health coverage is a great topic to write my ENC 2300 final essay on. It is a serious issue Americans deal with everyday as insurance and prescription drug costs are rising dramatically for the benefit and profit of wealthy private owners of these health associations. There are many Americans without health insurance and the ones that do have health insurance are facing terrible problems within the system. I can definitely relate to this topic in many ways and would find it very interesting to research on this subject. My husband and I are both U.S. Army veterans and deal with different medical conditions. I wonder a lot about the future of our healthcare system and how my family and I will have to deal with it. My family’s health is one of the most important things to me and I’m ready to find out what is best for us! The presidential debate has brought about these issues and yet they will probably once again be ignored. It makes me angry that this country could be so wealthy and yet so poor. I am a disabled U.S. Army Veteran and I am one of those Americans without health insurance because of previous existing medical conditions. How sick is that? I feel it is unfair to put a price on a human being. Too many Americans die each year simply because they do not have health insurance. And the reasons for not having health insurance are not the person’s fault but that of the insurance companies who deny claims and insurance policies based on ridiculous reasons. Denying someone health coverage is unethical. It is a crisis we must do something about. I feel very strongly about universal health coverage and feel this paper would be an excellent way to express my thoughts and opinions.

As I went into researching my topic I found some very good statistics and facts to help put it together. I found a newspaper article that really caught me off guard. It made me really think about my topic and almost changed my mind. However the more I researched...
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