Universal Healthcare Con, Quantity vs. Quality

Topics: Capitalism, Free market, Market economy Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Healthcare needs to stay in the realm of the free market system. If not it will become like any other widely distributed good. It is a simple rule of quality supply vs. demand. If the supply of healthcare services goes up in quantity, the quality of healthcare services will go down. In this country we are able to pay for what we can afford and the free market allows us to pay for the best possible service, if we have the means to do so. For example if a person needed to get their taxes done, they could pay a minimal nominal fee and go a place like H&R Block and get it done cheap, and perhaps have many expenses that the inexpensive, yet low quality tax accountant missed and end up owing the IRS more money than they needed be in the first place. The inverse to this would be to pay a high priced independent CPA and get as many tax deductions, make sure that they are filling the taxes correctly. Similarly if a person gets into legal trouble, they are entitled to a public defender, but in most cases if someone can afford to pay for a high priced, high powered and established attorney they will do so over the free government issued resource. If healthcare reform is taking away our right to choose, and is taking healthcare out of the free market scenario, than we will be left with the general, unsharpened commodity that no one really wants in the first place. Healthcare is expensive for a reason, because in America we are able to get the best technological services, the best expertise in specializations from our physicians and our physicians come from the best medical schools in the world, which are in turn American schools. Compare this to what we see in other countries with socialized healthcare. “The British government says that, at any one time, there are about a million people waiting to get into hospitals. According to the Fraser Institute, almost 900,000 Canadian patients are on the waiting list at any point in time. And, according to the New Zealand...
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