Universal Health Care

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Title: A Dilemma of Universal Proportions.

Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech I want to persuade the audience to search for more information on universal health care and how to help get it put in place.


• Attention-getter: Approximately 30,000 infants die in the United States each year, the infant mortality rate, which is the risk of death during the first year of life, is related to the underlying health of the mother, public health practices, socioeconomic conditions, and the availability and use of appropriate health care for infants and pregnant women according to the CDC and National Center for Health Statistics.

• Audience Motivation: Let me ask you a question. By a show of hands how many of you in here either have children or plan on one day having children of your own? So I ask you today wouldn’t you like to make sure your child is not number 30,001?

• Credibility: I honestly never really gave health coverage any thought until my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer. I watched him battle with insurance companies and doctors every day in order to get the treatment and medicine he needed. All the meanwhile he was becoming sicker and sicker every day. This is when I realized that having health insurance is one of the most important things there is.

• Preview/Thesis Statement: Today I want to not only inform you on what universal health care is, but also persuade you to get involved and help universal health care become a reality.

(Transition: First let me give you some important information on universal health care.)


I. What is universal health Care?

A. By definition universal health care is a term that refers to a governmental system meant to insure that every citizen or resident of a region has access to the required medical services which often covers medical, dental and mental health care. 1. The methods...
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