Universal Health Care

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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“A healthier life, the liberty to pursue happiness free of the constraints that lack of health care might provide to families … under the Affordable Care Act, you have that ability – that liberty to pursue your happiness.” – Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Because I agree with quote from Nancy Pelosi I must affirm the resolution; resolved The United States should guarantee Universal Health care for it citizen. Universal Health Care- that every individual has basic coverage for medical, dental and mental health needs. Providing this coverage will require an overhaul of the medical industry to provide medical services at a cost within the range of the average citizen. My value for today’s debate stands Quality of Life; this phrase is used to refer to an individual’s total wellbeing. The quality of life is more important than life itself. Alexis Carrel My criteria stands Good Health; be a natural condition, or at least a consistent state of well being.

C1. The State must provide Health Care.

It is a part of its obligation to protect citizens, Gary E. Jones, professor of Philosophy explains, "the proper function of the State is to provide basic protection to its citizens (then) there seems to be a basis for the right to at least minimal health care. At the national level, the State is charged with the protection of the national citizenry. In so far as this refers to the citizenry taken as individuals, it would seem that the State has an obligation to protect individuals from threats to life. At local level, the existence of publicly funded protective services suggests that at least health care for imminent threats to life from illness or accident should be publicly funded. It is flatly inconsistent to publicly fund protection by police and fire agencies of not only life but trivial forms of property, and yet place medical treatment in emergency cases on a fee for service basis. Consideration of either level of government shows that some governmental...
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