Universal Health Care

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  • Published : March 31, 2008
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What our country considers to be a privilege to those who have the funds to support, health care is some what considered a basic human right. Unfortunately, in America’s society today the idea of the health care system is not only negatively affecting the underprivileged and uninsured, but is also affecting families of the middle class suburbia. This proposal will focus on the controlling of medical health care costs. The idea of universal health care is what America needs. The thought of providing health services such as; health insurance, medical insurance and all other health facilities to those who can not afford these health services is beneficial to individual of a social classes. But to achieve this goal of universal health care there will be some things that will have to change. In Cuba they have universal health care but there tax rate is so high that the economy or working class barley makes any money. If the U.S was to decide do this they would have to look into what are the cost and benefits would be. The costs of universal health care I think would be around 40 billion dollars and the only way that we could raise that kind of money would be increase taxes. Increasing taxes would be a major issue among society and would have to be decided through the government. Also if we were to accept the universal health care then there is the possibility that covering the uninsured through a public insurance program may tempt employers to drop coverage and push their employees onto the public insurance program. Which would greatly increase those who don’t have insurance and everyone would be on the public policy. Universal health care could dramatically change a lot of things that are happening in our society. The first thing would be that there would be a lot less emergency room visits. Lots of people go to the emergency room because they can not be turned away and see it as scapegoat when things go wrong. Next, America would have a decrease in disease rates...
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