Universal Brotherhood

Topics: Family, Friendship, Debut albums Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Brotherhood is about the best thing for you; you have to have brotherhood to be able to survive pledge ship. Brotherhood to me is someone that you can trust with something that you never want anybody else to know. Like for example when your parents are going through a divorce it will be that friend that is always there for you and will listen to anything you say to them. Most of your friends will know the most embarrassing moments in your life. Alliance is a connection based on kinship or common interest. They have spent their whole life with that person so they no the most about him. Brotherhood you can find almost every where you go. Basically someone or more than one person that will do anything or everything for you and help you out in any way possible no matter what the circumstances are. They know everything and anything about each other and they don"tmt go around telling other people. It is someone that will help you get out when you are in trouble. Brotherhood in families is the strongest ones. Necessarily you don"tmt have to be related, friend can act like brothers too. Daniel Christopher HartBrotherhoodOne of the last places you will find brotherhood is in life. This is when you will find somewhat of strong brotherhood.

Brotherhood is about the best thing in the world. There are many different definitions for the word Brotherhood. You can find brotherhood almost every where you go in businesses, fraternities, family, and everyday life. First place that you might find brotherhood in the everyday business. When you work with someone for awhile you will start to develop friendships with them and trusting them with things. If you look in the labor union other people trust other people to make sure that they with have safe working place and fare salaries. Another place that you will find brotherhood is in fraternities. This is where brotherhood is the strongest. Brotherhood is defined as fellowship, and alliance in the dictionary. Fellowship is condition...
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