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Learning Preferences

Rohana Liljegren

* Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum. * My strongest dimension on the personality spectrum was being an organizer that also tied with being a giver. I feel like both of these are my strongest personality qualities but that I am more of a giver than an organizer. I think I want to be more organized but I still struggle to keep as organized as I need to be. The parts of an organizer I think I have is being detailed, dependable, and safe keeping. I think I do need to work more on my organization skills though. I do believe I am definitely more of a giver because I definitely am an emotional person as well as caring. I always try to be a peace maker and will do anything to help others around me. I do feel that the personality spectrum was quite accurate about my personality and my strongest dimensions. *

Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contradicted something about yourself
I really enjoyed the first activity where you type your name and phone number with your dominant hand and then with your non dominant hand. Before I started the activity I assumed that I would type a lot quicker with my dominant hand than with my non dominant hand but I didn’t. I was able to type the same amount of lines with my right as well as my left. I was quite shocked at that finding. I also enjoyed learning about my learning preferences and was surprised to find out that I learn more kinesthetic which surprised me a bit. I actually talked to my Mom about this because when I was taking anatomy and physiology I had made up a song and dance so I could name all the bones of the human body and now it makes sense why I was able to learn like that.
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