Unity Is Strength

Najib Razak , Malay styles and titles , Prime Minister of Malaysia

Unity is Strength

A very good morning to honorable judges, teachers and my friends. I am happy to stand here to give a speech today. The topic that I am going to talk about is “Unity is Strength.”

In a word, unity means oneness, or togetherness. When there is oneness there is likely to be more strength in opinion, more strength in action, and more strength in character. For example: if you take a stick, it could break easily. But when you take a bundle of sticks, it is hard to break. This is the unique power of unity. One very good example is this ELOCUTION CONTEST. All the Rotarians are united in their stand. They work hard to make this elocution contest a success.

Let us first discuss the smallest unit of our society. A family indicates oneness, they live together, they work together, they enjoy together, they share their woes together, and this is the basis strength of the unit. Parents encourage their children to mix freely with their peers of other races and religions.

From this smaller unit, we go to the bigger horizon of society. Schools are the best places for students of different races to mingle freely without prejudice and suspicion. Students should learn about the different festivals of their friends celebrate, their rites and rituals and their places of worship. For example, even our school girls, the girls from PESS are united to cheer for the Thomas Cup players at stadium Putra recently – “ MALAYSIA BOLEH ! YES , IF WE ARE UNITED.

From the society, let us move on to the position of the country. Malaysia is a multi-racial country. We live in relative racial harmony. Unity among the various races is vital for the progress of the nation as the saying goes; “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”.

My dear honorable judges, teachers and friends, let me show you a picture. What can you see? This picture illustrates the different races of Malaysia holding their hands together. All of us, Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic...
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