Unity in the Community

Topics: Jesus, Messiah, Christianity Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Unity in the Christian Community
DeLishia Boykin

The recent debates regarding President Barack Obama’s statement of support for same sex marriage, health care and the bill regarding the Violence Against Women act have created diversified dialogue on the national level and produced efforts of dissension in the Christian community.

Social media has been heavily populated with faith leaders that made decisions or adopt similar positions regarding the issues at hand. These statements have urged Christian leaders to take a stand to be in support or against a side of the debate, which is not only the issue but the persons on the forefront of the stance. This is not only limiting, but against the core principles of Christianity.

The foundation of the Christian faith is love, which unifies believers with The Almighty and one another. The efforts of Jesus the Christ while ministering on Earth essentially brought people together regardless of social class, health issue, political propaganda or public opinion. The labors of Christ were to bridge Christian brothers and sisters together with common purpose and power. Therefore, the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should ensure that nothing is allowed to separate and divide each other from the commission issued by the Savior.

Our primary responsibilities include serving as vessels to present salvific gifts and relationships, providing for the disadvantaged in every aspect of life and presenting words of edification and encouragement for spiritual maturity. Other issues that cause dissension, depression and discouragement particularly in the household of faith are distractions. The body of Christ must guard and protect itself from these distractions that seek to prevent the acquisition of ultimate will and divine destiny.

Individuals have opinions, strengths and values that can be shared with the world around them. Christians have a responsibility to share these gifts, skills and abilities to make the...
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