Unity and National Integration

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2.0Concepts of Unity and Integration: 

3.0Basic Concepts of Unity and Integration
3.3.1Plural society

4.0Challenges to National Unity and Integration
4.1Unified Education System the Way to Achieve National Unity
4.2Different Focus in Economic Sectors
4.3Different Political Ideologies and Influences

5.0The Approach and Policy to Overcome the Obstacles and Challenges
5.1New Economic Model (NEM)
5.3National Key Result Areas (NKRAs)





Malaysia is a unique country. It is made up of multi-ethnic group who are living in harmony. Conflict among ethnic group is rare and even if conflict occurs, is not to the extent of destroying the country. In fact, it is the diversity that drives the development of the country and makes this country colourful. Malaysia has been recognized by the world as a model for other plural societies. The concept of ‘unity in diversity’ is always insisted by the leaders. The concept is now supported with the ‘1 Malaysia’ concept which is introduced by the current Prime Minister. The Malaysian government is always put efforts to ensure the unity among the people because the unity is very important for national unity. The national unity will ensure the country’s prosperity and the prosperity will create national integration. The unity and integration is the ultimate aim of development. Thus, in this lesson, you will come across the efforts of the Malaysian government towards creating national integration.

2.0Concepts of Unity and Integration: 

Unity and integration are interlinked in which both aims at bringing different races, closer together. In Malaysia context, unity can be defined as a process of forming a national identity among various groups that have differences in beliefs, cultures, customs, politics, social, economic functions and location into a political entity. In other words, national unity is a process to unite various groups that have different social and cultural background into one physical entity. For example, the effort of uniting Sabah, Sarawak and the Peninsular of Malaysia into a federation, is an effort at achieving national unity.

“Unity should be nurtured and not forced on people. It should be cultivated and instilled in every individual through culture and good values. Its through the liking, the understanding of each other, through tolerance, that we can build unity rather than thorough law and forcing people into it.” - Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Minister of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage

Meanwhile, integration has a wider meaning as compared to unity. It is a process of uniting groups with different backgrounds into one entity which is bound by common norms, values and interests. When the integration takes place, there will be a sense of belonging and ties of feelings between people themselves. From integration also, there will be a sharing of heart and minds that goes beyond cultural and ethnic differences. From the concept above, do you think that the national integration can be achieved? It is quite difficult and time-consuming but efforts must be always there to achieve the national integration. The national integration becomes the ultimate aim of the government to ensure stability and national development.

Figure 2.0: Process of Integration

3.0Basic Concepts of Unity and Integration

Known as structural assimilation. The concept of assimilation is about the entry into a dominant society through friendship and close connection. The degree of assimilation of the minority groups varies, that is, based on physical differences (like the colour of the skin and the degree to which the cultural features differ from that of the dominant group).

Figure 3.0: Assimilation Problem

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