Unity Amidst Diverse Culture

Topics: Culture, Popular culture, Continent Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Belief. The way of living. Intellectual refinement. Heritage. Arts. Traditions. These are the pillars of each social group’s core – culture. Across the seven continents on the map lie thousands of this with thousands of distinctions. Among the seven billion people occupying these continents lie the vast selections of cultures that possess contrasting facets. And among us who are here today, ladies and gentlemen, lie our own convictions, cultural belief that differ from each of what we have from the moment we were born. Some are familiar to others while unknown to some. Many are accepted while others are overlooked by the more popular cultures. And these are the pieces we try to fit on the puzzle board – diverse.

But what is a clever way to settle these differences and to form a better civilization? Unity. To truly understand the value of unity, we must first be entitled in having knowledge of what we are dealing with. One must know the depths of culture and how it can socially improve us. By being aware of such, we can then comprehend on the value of its existence. One must understand the soul of a culture and how it can help us to cope with the other cultures. We can therefore eliminate criticism and broaden our minds in accepting the differences. One must accept the natures of diverse cultures and how each unique feature can be of importance in forming bonds with other cultures.After having the knowledge, understanding and acceptance, we can now figure out unity and the significance of its role on the pieces of the puzzle we try to fit in.

Each piece has a different shape and a scene needed to form a single and meaningful statement. Each culture represents a different picture. And every single piece is significant to complete the puzzle. But a puzzle won’t make any sense if the pieces are jumbled, separated from each other.The board would not be complete if there is a single piece of culture missing and that’s the reason why we need to have unity amidst...
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