UnitedHealth Group: Stakeholders and Their Needs

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  • Published : June 25, 2012
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Business Analysis Part I Paper

Rhonda Ellis-Thomas


University of Phoenix

Dr. Shane Howell

March 21, 2012

Business Analysis Part I Paper

Assuming the role of the mutual fund manager and after conducting a SWOT analysis, the decision has been made to select the Fortune 500 Company UnitedHealth Group to invest in. UnitedHealth Group operates in all 50 states and is based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. The purpose of this paper is to identify the company’s internal and external stakeholders, describe their wants and needs, and explain how the company is fulfilling those needs.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a prominent health care company, serving more than 75 million individuals worldwide. UnitedHealth Group touches virtually every characteristic of health care, helping individuals live healthier lives. As a leader in the health benefits and services industry, the six businesses of the UnitedHealth Group are UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealthcare Community & State, OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx which offers incomparable service, comprehensive capabilities and lasting significance in producing a contemporary health care organism. The products and services empower individuals, expand consumer choice and strengthen patient-provider relationships across the health care spectrum (“UnitedHealth Group, n.d.”). Internal, Interface, and External Stakeholders

In Healthcare, the definition of quality can be difficult and debatable because of the diverse assessments of individuals with a stake in decent Healthcare. Let’s glance at a few different stakeholders. The stakeholders are broken done into three categories, internal, interface, and external. The internal stakeholders consists of the management (Human resource manager, Clinical managers, Pharmaceutical managers, Engineering, etc.), non-management (nursing, environmental...
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