United Way Case Study

Topics: Management, Board of directors, Corporate governance Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Josh Hendricks
HR: Interpersonal Behavior
February 18, 2013

United Way: Case Study

There is a lot to say about “not-for-profit” organizations. First off, there should not have been any unnecessary taxing or payroll cutting of employees. There could have been a better solution instead of taking money away from people who are already sacrificing so much. According to the article, there is a clear statement by an employee that if one hundred percent of a non-for-profit organization is on board there is something clearly wrong. According to People’s Magazine, fifty-eight percent of American’s believe that the majority of money donated to a good cause never ends up going to its promised destination. It is also very difficult if CEO’s a long with the board of directors are living more comfortably than its employees. Having the leaders set an example for a company is why they are in leadership in the first place. The mission of United Way states, "to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities"

The leadership of William Aramony is a prime example of s greedy selfish leader. He was known as the second highest paid CEO of a non-for-profit company. Throughout his success, he managed to gain a lot of people to back him, including men from some of the largest companies around America. These men knew the value of a dollar. After a couple years of service, the board increased Aramony’s salary by six percent annually. Rewards are not always a bad thing, but at times they can be a hindrance. Once the Washington Post began investigating Aramony’s presidency at United Way, they found paper trails of money that was used inappropriately. I understand that your personal life should be separate from that of your professional, however, the amount of money spent on the wrong things was clearly intentional and had an affect on organizations that really needed these funds. The board of directors of United Way should not have significantly been...
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