United Way Case Study

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Case Summary:
United Way of America and United Way International (UWA) provides the much needed guidance and support for over 1300 local United Ways and an additional 3000 United Way Organizations operating outside the United States in 45 different countries. Their initial mission transformed into becoming more actively involved with its committees that severed in the communities by setting internal standards, becoming more transparent and accountable to the donors they served. Additionally, they wanted to establish measurable benchmarks that would show a return on funds collected in order for its contributors to feel more confident and willing to contribute.

UWA was essentially a financial middleman, which operated through donor organizations that could provide services to clients in targeted communities. They operated as a federation of networks of local affiliates with a shared vision that was eventually envisioned by its trusted CEO Brian Gallagher who took control as the CEO in 2001 after the pervious CEO was relieved after an investigation which found him guilty of diverting organizational assets for his own personal use. Even after numerous scandals, UWA was able to still effectively align themselves with other established organizations such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Club to regain their public trust and image to ensure continued mission success.

Leadership efforts in providing direction and guidance to execute their evolving strategy reflected in the company’s overall solid financial performance and study growth for almost 120 years in a growing external environment where competition for limited dollars was becoming increasingly competitive. When you couple this with multiple publicized scandals associated with fraud, misappropriation of funds and other connected unethical behavior along with poor internal over site by certain organizational regional branches and greedy members in leadership positions...