United States vs. Saudi Arabia Educational System

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  • Published : September 23, 2013
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United States vs. Saudi Arabia Educational System

Educational Systems in Saudi Arabia and United State
“A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated” by Horace Mann. Education has been one of the most important things in all nations and it considers one of the main reasons of people and countries development. Self gratification, sensation of accomplishment as well as broadening people's horizon and providing bright futures for them are some of the endless benefits of education. As there is a huge difference between Saudi Arabia and United States in geography, culture, and society, a lot of dissimilarities in their educational systems can stem as a result of the previously stated factors.Understanding these differences will help improve the educational system in each country. The first distinctive difference between Saudi Arabia and United States educational systems can be found in the language and the fees of the courses. As English is the mother language in United States, the educational system utilizes English language in teaching; yet, in Saudi Arabia, both Arabic and English are used in teaching. Arabic is considered the mother language and English is the language used in business communication. The other point is that education is free in Saudi Arabia and every student in college or university receives monthly stipend from the government as a reward for being a college or university student. On other hand, American students must pay tuitions for their education. Also, they do not receive monthly stipend. However, the government provides student loans to help students in need get education. Saudi students must decide their major from the first year of study. Consequently, they do not have the right to choose elective classes as they are forced to take subjects related to their majors. Because Americans have the right to choose elective courses they want to study, they can major in the third or fourth year of study.