United States vs Japan - Health Care

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  • Published : August 2, 2013
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Healthcare differs all around the world. The main goal of healthcare, to treat people for illness and disease, is the same the delivery of healthcare varies from one country to another. Two countries that practice very different healthcare are the United States of America and Japan. There are many differences between the two countries including their structure, efficiency and medical challenges.

The United States and Japan have two very different structures when it comes to healthcare. In Japan every person is required by law to have health insurance and this is made easy by having government regulated universal coverage. In the United States current legislatures are being passed to require all citizens to have health insurance, however health insurance is offered through private parties. Japans universal health insurances offers its people freedom of choice on who their physician is and premiums are based on income and ability to pay. (Fahs, 1993) The United States healthcare plans are mainly offered through employers and can have strict guidelines as to who your provider is and what costs they cover, by choosing a health care provider outside of the insurance plans network a person can expect to pay up to 100% of treatment. While insurance programs and fees are determined by the government in Japan physicians choose how they wish to administer care and hospitals are non-profit and run by doctors. The opposite is done in America and hospitals are owned and operated by private businesses that determine the fees and how doctors practice, this in turn leads to a high rate of defensive medicine and a lack of doctor/patient trust. The efficiency of medicine and healthcare in both countries differs as well. Japan has the longest life expectancy of its citizens. Fees are low and remain the same across the country in Japan, this is because the government regulates the fees once a year and keeps the best interest of its people in mind. Due to...