United States Healthcare

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Medicine Pages: 4 (1544 words) Published: August 12, 2010
 The big question is should we change our healthcare as we know it today. The United States is proposing a universal healthcare system to help alleviate people who don’t have medical care and the cost of medical today. Do we really want a government who can’t seem to run the offices they have now running our universal healthcare system? What makes the United States think that they can do a good job at running Universal Healthcare, when other countries can’t seem to get it right either? Maybe we need to look into other ways to better our healthcare system before we dive into Universal Healthcare ran by the government. One of the disadvantages to Universal Healthcare in the United States is that the United States government will be running the healthcare system.   The United States government is currently having trouble running their offices. How is the government going to be able to run universal healthcare, if they are having trouble running other government run systems? Currently, there are two systems run by the government that are on the verge of going bankrupt today, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security (TW). Can you think of any government office that runs efficiently?  There isn't one government office that can run United Healthcare more efficiently than the private entities do. (Messerli).  The proposal that the government currently has for Universal Healthcare shows the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) running the Universal Healthcare system (Messerli). Do we really want the IRS to run the healthcare system? The government wants to give the IRS the authority to determine who needs medical care and who don’t.  As an individual or family you would need to indicate on your tax return whether or not you have acceptable insurance. You would be required to submit a form similar to your W-4 to prove that you have acceptable insurance.  If you do not submit this form the IRS has the ability to fine you. They will also be the ones to determine...
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